Answers to your Questions


What Kind of Products Do You Make?

We specialize in Bathroom Vanities and OEM Stone products. Whether it be Natural Stone or Manufactured Quartz or even custom Millwork.

We are an 100% custom fabricator.

What Items Do You Keep In Stock?

We only stock select Marble and Granite slabs for our residential stone business. We also stock 5 Quartz colors. When submitting a quote mention that you are open to alternatives and we will let you know if we have anything in stock that suits your needs.

Can I send you Custom Furniture?

All of the furniture we make is custom. The furniture seen on our site are items we have done in the past. If you would like something that is on the site already, just give us the item number and we can price from that.

How should I care for my Bathroom Vanity?

All of our stone tops are shipped with a sealer applied. It will be necessary for the property to reapply sealer every 3-6 months. One way to extend sealing time is to use a PH neutral cleaning product on the stone top.

Our hotel has many different sized Vanities;

We have over 28 years of experience doing Vanity work for large hotel projects. Just provide us a blue print of the hotel and we will do most of the leg-work. We will pull out the various room types and the average vanity size. We then will provide a quote with those dimensions.

When it comes time, we offer our Field Measuring services for a fee.

What does Field Measuring entail?

We will send a team of experienced personnel to the job site for however long it takes. This team will go room to room with a member of the hotels engineering staff and measure every bathroom in the hotel.

Not only do we take measurements, we will look out for any irregularities that may affect the vanity installation.

After on-site measurements we will take all of the data and work with the client on our plan of attack.

By hiring us for your on-site field measurement, we assume responsibility for a vanity not fitting properly.


What does The Stone Resource Require for a Quote?

In order to give you the most accurate quote possible, we need the following:
• Dimensions
• Surface materials
• Quantity
• Photo of design idea if available
It will also help if we are given a budget. Our team of experienced Project Managers and Project Engineers can help you design and Value Engineer your project.

How long does it take to receive a Quote?

Quotes generally take 5 business days or less depending on the size and scope of a project. During this time we will be in communication with you to get further questions answered. We want our quotes to have the most accurate price possible.

Who do I contact for a Quote?

Please visit our Contact Us page to find out who your local Sales Representative is. Or you can send us email and we will be in contact with you.

How long is the quote valid for?

Our quotes remain valid for 30 days, unless requested for a longer period.


How do I place an Order?

After you have received your quote you can simply email us a Purchase Order for the items listed on the Quote. We will respond with a letter of Acknowledgment. 

Is there a Minimum to Order?

We have no minimum order requirements and historically have done a lot of one’s and two’s, especially with public space items.

I Placed an Order, What happens Now?

After receipt of a Purchase Order we require the following:
• Signed approval of all finishes involved
• Signed approval of Shop Drawings
• 50% deposit before manufacturing starts and the balance paid in full before delivery.

How long does it take to receive our product?

Every job varies, but we can typically do large quantities of hotel vanities in 14-16 weeks. Smaller quantities and model room samples 8-10 weeks.

How will we get our Product?

We will work with you and your contractors to make sure on time delivery.
• On-site drop shipping to keep with construction schedule
• Local warehouse storage until needed (extra fee)

We don’t have much lead time, what options do we have?

If we are constructing your product overseas then we can offer Air Freight. This will save a couple of weeks, but is typically expensive.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Credit Cards are accepted for orders under a certain amount. Otherwise, we require a check. 

Are Terms available?

For most customers we require a 50% deposit with the balance due before we ship your custom furniture. If you would like to apply for credit, please contact us and we will send you an application.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us